If it has been years since you have evaluated your home’s ability to meet your current life stage of being over 50 years old, this post is for you! Here are 10 basic but essential ways to ensure that your home is your friend and not your foe with unsafe traps  waiting for that gotcha moment.  My dear friends, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to our home’s wellness level.

To get us started, think objectively and walk through your home like you were considering buying it. What sticks out as an uh oh?

The odds are that those very issues that caught your attention are what need to be addressed in achieving a healthier home. So let’s get started with some easy basics.

10 Basic Tips for a Healthy Home

1. De-Clutter!  Not only for visual peace of mind, clutter is a major 

cause for falls and accidents.  Examples of accident-producing clutter is in the laundry/garage traffic areas and clutter on stairs.

2. Change light switches to easy to operate rocker light switches.

3. Add lighting! At 50 years of age, 40% less light is received in our corneas. One light source in a room is never enough. Plus you can never have too much lighting if it is appropriate lighting.  This is why we have dimmers.

4. Use lever door handles for easier use.

5. Discard  those throw rugs in traffic patterns, bathrooms or any without a non-slip backing and use only as needed.

We all love to step out of the shower onto a rug BUT, pick it up afterwards or only use non-slip bathroom rugs!

6. Add a handrail, a larger landing area, and lighting to the garage entrance into your home and to any other stairs.

7. Minimize electrical cords that could be tripped over or hanging from desks or islands. There are many alternatives now to alleviate this hazard.

8. Evaluate how much furniture you have in your rooms that could prevent easy accessibility. Less is more for healthy homes. 

9. Add handrails in bathtubs and showers. Today, there are many options that do not have to be installed during construction.

10. Add sensor night lighting from bedroom to bathroom traffic pattern for nighttime trips that often end in a trip without adequate lighting.

So you can see, having a healthy home actually starts with very easy and very basic changes. However, do not be deceived that these basic and easy changes cannot prevent major falls and accidents that can have life long lingering consequences.

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I applaud and respect your interest in knowing how to achieve a healthier home and improved wellness. I believe that  your efforts will definitely be rewarded in living a better and safer quality of life.

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I am thrilled to have you along on this very important journey with me. Afterall, our personal and our home’s wellness does indeed matter.  It not only matters to ourselves personally, but it definitely matters to our families by not becoming an added  burden to their already busy lives. 

Living and loving life better together,

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