I very recently took a significant tumble myself onto an uneven concrete sidewalk. 

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It was a lovely fall evening as we were leaving a fun evening with others after walking our small-town street fair. I was talking (of course) not paying attention to the sidewalk changes in heights when wham! I went down really hard as my cuts and bruises will attest to how hard my fall’s impact was.

You may be thinking “oh sorry Mitzi that you fell but what does this have to with anything?”

Well, by now you guessed what I am about to write to you all regarding falls. 

Prevention is key!!

Key to what? It is key that if you do take a tumble like I did, and if you are exercising, taking your supplements like calcium and Vitamin E and whatever else you can do for bone strength,  it will surely help you if you should fall.

I could have injured my shoulder that I fell on along with my wrists that took the brunt of my fall but thankfully, I had not a single hint of any internal effects like wrist fractures or etc. My knee also took a hard meeting with the sidewalk as my white pants showed requiring strong soaking to get the blood stains out. Bruises lasted but who cares? 

Please you all do not think that I am merely boasting that I had no long-term effects from my fall. You know that my passion for you all is to be as healthy as you can possibly be going into whatever life stage is ahead of you. Therefore, the tip of this fall prevention iceberg is: 


Yes, this article shows the benefits of yoga that I totally agree with its long lasting benefits. But any weight bearing exercise is sooooo important for your bone strength.


Eat for your bone strength with foods rich in. Omega 3’s like salmon and etc, plus calcium rich foods like broccoli. And please avoid lots of carbonated beverages that leak bone building needs.


This is critically important for women prior to and after menopause when estrogen loss contributes to bone loss.


A bone density test called a Dexa will assess your bone health which is critical in preventing the silent killer, osteoporosis or the beginning of this disease which is osteopenia. Know your numbers!


In my book, you will discover how I overcame a potentially lifechanging diagnosis of major osteoporosis. I know that I know without a doubt that the recent harsh fall I experience would have had a very serious outcome for me if I had not strongly pursued the advice from my women’s health expert. I owe her more than I can express.

At 63, I had no idea a silent killer lurked within me.

I was 71 in the feature photo of me doing yoga and the photo of me doing a push up was taken when I was 72. The significance of mentioning my ages is to prove my point why it is so critically important for you all to know these facts. The photo from the page in my book tells of my very, very serious bone density or Dexa report when I was around 63 years old. Seeking knowledge, plus a womens health expert, plus following what I listed here in this post for you, reversal is possible and I have the test results to prove it. I have turned a potentially life changing threat to now rocking my bone density numbers. And you can too!

Additionally, as most of you know, I am a strong advocate for making our homes as safe as possible to prevent falls. However, this post on fall prevention focuses on what you all can do by incorporating these basic healthy life style suggestions. 

Seeing and hearing of too many women sadly affected by falls motivates me to help spread the word as best as I can possibly can because you were meant to have and enjoy your life regardless of your life stage. Now, the rest is up to you my dear followers.  Do not “fall” for assuming this is for those old people since anyone over 50 is at risk. 

The choice is easy but you must make this choice to empower, equip, and enlighten yourself with Design Smarts to rock life now and in your future.

I am rooting for you!

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