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As I continue my “next life” series … in my next kitchen, I am going to be so fussy not only about what I select, but what I do not select at all in the way of appliances. Why? Because even as a real cook, I use the same appliances 80% of the time.


Case in point:  These are two appliances that are in my kitchen appliance graveyard of what is not being used or very rarely used:


My lower over -marked


Reality check please. How often do we ever cook those large meals needing two ovens? I mean really, how often if at all? In our case,with our grown kids and grandkids all out of town, we go to them! And yes, I do use one wall oven often, but my lower wall oven is like brand new. See how clean it is after 10 years because I hardly used it?!


Warming Drawer rarely used-marked


Again, I thought a warming drawer would be really wonderful to have but, I will not spend the money or take up the space next time selecting appliances.


I will not need a double oven like I have now. YES, it is the standard of what is commonly installed today. But, it is a NO being not practical for the majority of Boomers. But wait, before you shout out, “but what about Thanksgiving or holiday meals??”, listen my beloved Boomers and Beyond. What I will have instead of those standard ovens, is a GE Advantium. Why? Because it is so PRACTICAL for the way 90% of us actually cook. It has a microwave/combo convection and actually can hold a 9×13 pan. Therefore, for large meals, I would use a large wall oven for the turkey (or whatever) and the Advantium for everything else.

GE monogram wall oven

Now Mitzi, are you not even going to have an oven? Oh for sure I am having an oven but it will be what I have been lusting after for years …


I am in LOVE with steam cooking, and this Wolf 24″ E Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven (CSO24TE/S/TH) is on my must-have list! Like Peter Salerno Inc. did with this oven, mine will also be on the wall to be more ergonomic and safe.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.57.01 PM


I would again have a microwave that is in a drawer if I do not have an Advantium combo/microwave/convection wall oven. I have had the Sharp microwave drawer for 10 years here at Cypress and loving it for its ergonomic and safety placement. I would never go back and place one anywhere else, just as this own shown in this kitchen designed by Fiddlehead Design Group!


microwave drawer


Why, oh why, do we continue to place microwaves inset where reaching up and lifting down for food or drinks is the common practice? Why, oh why?


Like all kitchen appliances taking giant leaps forward in designs available, refrigeration is also now so varied and so function that one must “study” what is right for the indvidual lifestyle.

This Sub-Zero (IT-30Cl-LH) 30″ panel-ready tall fridge and bottom freezer. I love the size as it’s perfect for smaller kitchens. If needed, the addition of refrigerator drawers could be integrated where needed.


sub zero fridge


This line of ultra-compact cold storage from Perlick includes refrigerated drawers, refrigerator, beverage center, beer dispenser and “wine reserve” units. Can you imagine the possibilities with this?!




In these two under-counter refrigerator photos from my client’s project, placement at the end of the island was so effective. This so helped traffic flow from the business end of the kitchen while directing folks to other areas — and they don’t even realize it!


Placing at end of island controls traffic flow from business end of kitchen-marked


Under counter refrig Placement-marked


This GE Monogram Collection bar fridge with ice maker has endless entertaining possibilities.


bar fridge


Placement of appliances is so critical in the functioning or our kitchens. Placing appliances under islands is gaining more and more acceptance as Scott Koeler reinforces in his post on instagram. As he shares, advantages of having this microwave drawer in a lower cabinet: 1) Right height for easy access, 2) Frees up countertop space, 3) Child friendly and 4) Easier to manage big items.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.49.54 PM


Already discussed is having a cook top versus a drop-in range for ergonomic reasons. Even those younger than Boomers are often challenged with back issues. No lifting and bending for this Boomer gal if I can help it.


This Wolf 36″ pro-style gas range top with deep drawers below allows a perfect place to store pans. The exact model that I would choose, however, is with a grill in the center as I will definitely not need or use 6 burners. I hardly use the 4 burners that I have now because of the fast, easy, and of course, mostly healthy way I cook today.


wolf range


And definitely, I want to have a dishwasher drawer! We use our Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawer constantly, almost daily,  because just for the two of us it is so perfect. In addition, we do, however, have a full-size dishwasher when we have dinners for family or friends. But on a daily basis, the smaller dishwasher drawer is just the cat’s meow. No mildew or hardened food when doing dishes frequently. And again, this too is so ergonomic! Check out this example from The Sky is the Limit Design, photo by Works Photography.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.20.36 PM


For the millions of Boomers and Beyond, I continue to constantly hear, “I don’t cook for just myself.” This is especially true for our single Boomer friends.


But wait a minute you all. What if your kitchen actually functioned for you for the way you actually eat today? What if you could spend very little time on eating healthy, cooking fast, and probably feeling better in the process?


I believe we all can! But, it is a matter of having a mindset to shop, prepare and eat healthy. Truly, I believe this and do it myself even when Bob is out of town. For most, we spend so much time on everything and everyone else and then come dinner time, we are totally spent, no pun intended. I totally get that mindset.


Hopefully, this kitchen series will inspire some of you to not only think about how your kitchen looks and functions but also how you use it to take care of yourself.


So many of these examples of what is new in products for all of us Boomers and Beyond is one of the main missions of BeBoomerSmart.com. So please stay updated by signing up for much, much more coming your way to help you love, work, play and stay by making your spaces and places designed just for you. After all, we have all worked hard, given, and given, and given, so now is it not time to take care of ourselves? I say to this, of course we deserve to do so now! It is how to do it wisely financially by designing for the way we actually live versus cookie cutter kitchens and bathrooms and home designs in general.


In closing, it certainly would give me Boomer Joy to hear from you. Truly, truly, I would be thrilled if these posts were a motivating factor and encouragement for you to “kick it up a notch.”


And if you do, I would be doubly thrilled to hear about it!


Living and loving life together,



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