In connection with international women’s day, I would like to introduce an outstanding woman, named Robin Lamonte. This vivacious, beautiful interior designer wears many hats and all of them well!

What a blessing is for me to connect with Robin in social media because she and I share a lot in common. The two main connections is  we are both interior designers and we are women over 50.  Robin has a huge following because she encourages and supports other women unselfishly and constantly as she did writing a profile post on yours truly.  Robin did this post out of the goodness of her heart which humbled me greatly.

In addition as the feature photo shows, we care about WELLNESS in our own lives and others. We care about the WELLNESS of our homes designing spaces to experience living at its best. 

Robin is most definitely a fashionista to follow and admire. She could put on anything and look fabulous! We share our love of clothes, shoes, but also caring for our families as our number one priority.  

A little more about Robin from her website:

“I am a professional 50ish woman who is a highly successful interior designer, mother of 4 adult children, and loves good food, wine, and laughter.

I will share my expertise as an interior designer for baby boomers, but I will also share my fashion style as a  normal middle aged woman who wants to look chic and classy but isn’t  fashion model thin.

I believe in aging gracefully and authentically, one wrinkle at a time.”

International Women’s Day celebrates the famous, not so famous, the intellectual and not schooled, the older and the younger, and all races and religions. But bringing it home or making it personal is more than a tweet or social media post. To me, it is in the doing or walking our talk of promoting and believing in other women exactly like the lovely Robin Lamonte does daily. 

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Living and loving life together,


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