Hello everyone and welcome to our new updated website! We are very excited to launch another layer to our platform which is WELLNESS in both home + life. It seems like everyone is talking about making changes in not only their homes, but also in their lives. 

 So why am I adding WELLNESS to my platform?

It is fairly common knowledge these days that our homes can definitely upgrade our personal wellness on many levels. However, the more I observe “pretty” homes and rooms, the more I am  affirmed that so many simple, yet profound interior design decisions have missed the opportunity to experience another level of  enriching, healing, and of course, beautiful environments. 

I am  frequently asked, How does WELLNESS actually connect to home + life?

Oh my, this list is very long and of course we will be posting in great detail how to achieve WELLNESS  in our homes. But for starters, people may have the most perfectly wonderful home and yet this person can be compromised personally by health issues, high stress, little energy, and etc. So by connecting the dots on how ones enviornment can certainly affect one’s wellness in life, this is the reationale  for this new wellness layer to my platform.

But hold on! Do not think for a minute that we will not be posting on WELLNESS in life without connecting it to our enviornments. Oh for sure not. There is so much new information and evidence on how to experience a much greater level of health and wellbeing today, that how could this not be addressed alot ?! 

What actually is WELLNESS?  It is having a life of: 

Wholeness Balance Restfulness Peace Restoration Joy Security Victory

Don’t we all want this?

As my video describes I will cover many of the various up to date, trends, topics, products, tips, in home + life. But there will be more, much, much more since constantly there are exciting new options for us in both home + life. So please:


Come be part of all this fun excitement on living the best life we possibly can no matter our age or stage, millennial, gen x, to boomers and beyond. This is for all and everyone ready to “kick it up a notch” and have fun in the journey too!

I can’t wait to hear all your WELLNESS success!