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I love cooking with steam and it made me so happy that one of my #BlogTourVegas sponsors to the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry show in Las Vegas, thanks to Modenus, was family owned, Thermador. In this sponsored post I will be sharing about Thermador ‘s Professional Series Built In  Steam + Convection Oven and why I am so very excited and impressed with this kitchen appliance that is the perfect example of #BoomerSmarts cooking for the #HealthyHomesoftheFuture.

 It was truly a professional meeting of the minds when I met Thermador’s expert, Janne Majan, National Product Specialist during #KBIS2015 in Thermador’s exhibition space.

Me with Janne Majan, Mrs. Steam herself.

Me with Janne Majan, Mrs. Steam herself.

Janne is also known as “Mrs. Steam” because of her high level of knowledge and expertise about steam cooking techniques.

Janne and I share similar backgrounds in nutritional education and although we have earned different college degrees, we are on the same page about the importance of healthy cooking and how important a quality steam oven like Thermador’s Professional Series Steam and Convection oven is to that overall goal.

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Coveting is not a positive trait, but now I do covet a combination steam + convection wall oven!

In my kitchen at home in Wichita, I have a steamer and use it all the time and it has served us very well. It’s funny to think that when I selected appliances for our “Aging in Place” home, in 2006, integrated steam ovens were just coming on the market. Obviously steam cooking’s beneficial traits caught my attention early on!

Our home is a “living lab” for healthy cooking and I have held many classes here and have been featured on local network television affiliates.

Through teaching classes and sharing videos, I’ve had the opportunity to educate many people on the values of steam cooking.

Cooking Vlog: Outtakes from Appearance on KSN-TV’s “Baan Appetit”

And although my steam oven isn’t Thermador, yet, my range and cooktop is, as you can see below.
Design Vlog: Designing the Heart of the Home – Part 1

Unfortunately, my in-counter steamer [ in a picture at the end of this post ] is without the wonderful convection aspect and it is this convection feature that enables food to brown, which is so important for a mouth-watering appearance and also enables so many other cooking options.


 I am often asked:

How is steam cooking different than regular cooking and why should I invest in a steam oven? Is it only for healthy cooking?

No! Not only does food that has been cooked in a steam oven taste fabulous, it is very fast and keeps in nutrients, and reheats better than any other method [great for busy Moms and grandparents]  and it also defrosts frozen foods like a charm!

The Thermador Professional Series Convection and Steam oven can be integrated into any wall of cabinets at any height, too, making it easy to set it at the correct height for whomever might be using it most. It’s clean, stainless steel design fits into almost any kitchen style. from traditional to transitional to ultra modern.

This picture of a kitchen designed by Boston’s Venegas and Company demonstrates the flexibility you have to place it at a different height compared to your normal wall ovens.

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Expert information from  Janne, aka Mrs Steam, on: Thermador steam cooking

  • No covering for all steam cooking
  • No preheat needed
  • Most are not plumbed therefore adding water is necessary
  • Will beep if out of water

She emphasized that the perception is that steam cooking is only for healthy cooking purposes. But the beauty of steam cooking also gives predictable positive results, faster, simplifies cooking, and it is impossible to overcook or burn your food.

Plus, one of my favorite advantages to steam cooking is the ability to cook many foods together because in steam cooking there is no transfer of flavors!

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Other uses for steam ovens:

 Combo-steam and convection cooking can be used for almost all foods therefore eliminating the need for other cooking appliances. You can also defrost frozen foods with low oven temp with reduced steam.

Example #1: ground beef can defrost in 15 minutes without drying out around the edges like other methods of defrosting.

Now, this is where I get so excited!

Most of the Baby Boomers I know want to simplify their lives, period. What could be more appropriate to simplifying our lives than cooking faster, healthier, needing fewer appliances, and the biggie — cooking for one or two people with ease?

Now, is this #BoomerSmarts or what?
Most people that know me well know that I am indeed a cook. I ROUTINELY cook for my husband Bob, and believe it or not, I also cook for MYSELF!

Therefore, when I tell you that Thermador’s combo steam-convection oven, is by far the number one top kitchen appliance I would encourage anyone to seriously consider for their kitchens, no matter their age or stage of life, I speak truth.

My commitment, goal, and passion is promoting Healthy Homes so everyone can enhance their quality of life for today and for the future and I can’t think of another appliance that could do that as well as a steam -convection combination oven from Thermador, made in the USA, in Tennessee,  for the past 75 years.

Cooking smart is #BoomerSmarts.

Cooking Vlog: Seared Salmon & Kale Salad from Junior League of Wichita’s “Pinches & Dashes” Cookbook

What a treat it was for me, as you can tell, to have Thermador sponsoring #BlogTourVegas, and being offered the opportunity to learn more about their amazing products.  I could not have been more excited and grateful to meet these fine folks, who have worked hard to design beautiful appliances that make our cooking experience healthier and one we can enjoy for decades to come.

Thank you Thermador and thank you Modenus!


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