Have you ever considered the difference between your DOING and your BEING?

I believe that this post will shed a new light on WHY what decisions you incorporate into both your life and your home will have far greater impact on your wellbeing than you may have imagined.

When you “study” this feature image of my screened in porch, do you know WHY it makes you want to be there or WHY it gives you a sense of a joyful peace and calmness?

Many of you inately have figured this out but if not, this is due to Lifesizing® principles that enable a wholistic approach to every space. This screened porch image explicitly describes the differences to merely downsizing. You see, if you are like tons of others who have seen my screened porch, they want to just BE there. Can’t you imagine yourself also just BEING in this space?

“Wholistic refers to the whole item or whole body of a person or thing. The word defines the consideration of the entire structure or makeup, which includes the body, mind, and the spirit in the case of a human being” Stackexchange-www.stackexchange.com

This wholeness definition explains Lifesizing® to a tee! 

Have you ever considered the difference between your DOING and your BEING?

My belief is that most homeowners fail to imagine themselves being in their spaces when remodeling, upgrading or downsizing. Could this be exactly why there are so many homes that miss the potential opportunity to deliver a calm, peaceful, or even a joyful environment that restores, renews, or re-engergizes everyone?

For this post, I am covering the three major reasons that Lifesizing® is exponentially so much more valuable than merely downsizing could possibly accomplish.

LIFESIZING® Can Potentially Enable You To:


By living with no excess in HOME spaces by eliminating items no longer useful or loved often only kept out of guilt. Or buying an excess of meaningless items just to fill in space. This is not the same as buying the obvious needs and wants like plants, mirors and etc. to complete any space.

Having no excess in LIFE means to eliminate the busy, no longer relevant activities after meeting work and life responsibilities. To let go of meaningless or habitual activities of merely DOING life by taking control of life in order to thrive in the BEING of life’s moments. This is a perfect example of Lifesizing® life that typically is beyond most people’s goals of downszing homes without the downsizing their lives.

I think that most of you will agree that this image of our former master bedroom definitely is an example of no excessive items or visual clutter. Lifesizing® principles sort or distinquish how to fill our spaces to allow one to be able to relax with approprate, loved, and necessary furniture and accessories to work for us in any space.


With a Functional Home

To be in a peaceful home absolutely means living in a Functional home that is first of all SAFE. This bathroom image represents my aging in place designed bathroom in our former home which BTW, won and award. I believe one of the reasons for winning was to show by example that safe can indeed be beautiful.

With a Functional home lifestyle

My former kitchen is used as an example for a PEACEFUL space because it is safe in layout, ergonomics, lighting, and designated areas for multi-activitesl without crowding. Crowed spaces are not peaceful! The area on the right allows for “people space” around the (hidden) beverage bar and work areas of kitchen because the kicthen is still where everyone often congregates.


BEING able to view our treasures brings us JOY. Over the years, sitting in this area of our living room was always a JOYFUL experience to me. This bookcase held a treasure chest of memories and cherished antiques, special family heirlooms, plus many signed books that I truly savored viewing easily.

And please note that these bookcases had to be part of the designed restoration of this 1930’s home. Especially today with open spaces, it is a major design challenge of where to house one’s treasures.

Yes, my beloved studio was a perfect example of experiencing JOYFULNESS in daily life. Oh the zillions of hours spent with clients over 12 years here was an unexpected benefit to designing with Lifesizing® to incorporate “people usage” and comfort above all else. Plus can you imagine how much JOY I had with all these work spaces to be able to spread out design projects?


I hope you that dear followers will process how easily your life and your home can be so much more than you ever imagined it could be in elevating your wellbeing.

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Love you all!

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