What do quality living spaces look like? What are the needs of my family? How do I prepare for my next stage of life with my spaces?

These are just some of the topics on aging gracefully that 10 years ago, I set out to help Americans prepare for what comes next in their lives. I even trademarked the term “Lifesizing” to capture the idea.  But the timing wasn’t right and this “Lifesizing lady” tabled the idea of “sizing your life for the stage you’re in” until it became more mainstream. I’m thrilled to announce that that time is NOW.

Lifesizing has been a passion of mine for a long time and the concept continues to evolve as 50+ Americans understand our life is about us — our choices and how we make them. Did you know that by the year 2030 half of Americans will be over 50? How can we live the best life ever and NOT be a burden on our families?

Watch this video and see how WE have the ability to design our life for the best stage ahead … and yes, it can be vibrant and chic and wonderful!

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