Why am I smiling in this photo? It’s due to the fact that I am at  my target weight. Is it easy? No, but it is absolutely doable at any age or stage? Please read on to see how. 

First off, why wait to start implementing your own plan to reach your ideal healthy weight? It is definitely not too late in 2020 to start a fresh or to refresh your eating lifestyle towards a healthier you. And yes, every decade gets harder and harder to lose or as hard to maintain our ideal weight. Nevertheless, let me affirm you that it is definitely possible!


No surprise here, absolutely essential is a  HEALTHY ATTITUDE towards pursuing our own personal wellness as our number one top priority. Of course there is our faith, families, relationships, careers, etc. But what happens to these priorities if we are compromised by poor health or worse, chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes that is often linked to poor eating habits and obesity?

Often I hear, “oh Mitzi, you are so fortunate to not have to worry about your weight”. Let me share with you what a misconception this statement really is. I work at my target weight and my healthy lifestyle constantly. Do you know how I do this? 

My number one secret to maintaining my weight is my 80-20 lifestyle eating habit. Life happens, deadlines loom, celebrations, weekend trips, holidays, sickness, are the tip of the iceberg events that disrupt daily routines and also the best of intentions…:) I do not or will not accept these events as an excuse to say, what the heck and just give up entirely.

Nope, my secret is to get back to my routine without the self-condemning guilt but to get back on track, no excuses. 


Mitzi’s Weight Management Plan

You guessed it, the 80-20 plan…:)

I give it my all to eat healthy 80% of the time but my 20%  is to indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures, favorite foods. This could be pasta, pizza, chips and dip, desserts, ice cream etc. But here is the absolute key, only 20% of the day or week do I allow myself my indulgements.

To give how I eat a name, it is the very common but well known Clean Eating Plan.

According to the Mayo Clinic:


The fundamentals of eating clean encourage you to consume more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats_and limit highly processed snack fools, sweets, and other packaged foods. 



According to  US News Health section, https://health.usnews.com/best-diet/best-diets-overall  Please check out the article for more detailed info. But basically, the Mediterrean diet ranks first place with emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies, olive oil, nuts, seafood, healthy proteins, and grains. And this diet includes pastas!

Over all best diets according to this article, The Mediterrean Diet and the Dash Diet.

I personally love the Mediterean Diet because it is so easy to follow with foods that I love but I sadly have to limit the amount of pasta…:(


Seriously? If anything is too complicated, time consuming, expensive, or is not tasty, forget about it! 

This is why in my book, Design Smarts, Inspiration on Home and Life, in chapter 14, “Easy Eating and Cooking Plans with Design Smarts”, there is a ton of detailed info on my life eating plan. I encourage you to read this chapter if you have my book or order my book through my website or on Amazon. 

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Even though there were technical glitches in this video, this post will give you more info on how to win your own battle of the bulge. 


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I created this guide to give us all a fighting chance to win this battle by realizing what we actually consume in a day of proteins, carbs, and sugars. SUPER IMPORTANT to track. Again, this is free for the asking with your email. 

Example: daily recommendation of sugar grams 30 grams…yikes!

One can of Pepsi soda is 41 grams ?

Let’s face it, that essential first step is the mindset to condition your mind to succeed and win this battle of both achieving your ideal weight and maintaining it. And remember this sage advice from an unknown source, “if we are too busy to take care of our own health, we are too busy!

I am believing in you all that you can absolutely win this battle. Now you must believe it too. 



Living and Loving Life Together,

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