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Life is constantly transitioning from one life stage to the next life stage. Design Smarts is an essential guide filled with decades of knowledge from a professional designer, business woman, wife, mother, and even grandmother. Prepare for these life stages armed and equipped to not be caught or surprised when the next life stage unfolds, but enter into each stage as one who is confident and victorious.

Downsizing dilemmas? Whether moving or staying put, my book will guide you through it all. Order your signed copy today. You will be enlightened, equipped, and empowered beyond your expectations!

Using the acronyms of SMARTS, Design Smarts will be the guide for the 50+ers to prepare for their very best years by understanding how one's spaces, mindsets, attitudes, routines, togetherness, and spiritual elements all play an essential role in the preparation to rock life after 50 and beyond in their homes and in their lifestyles. It is a new day to age better and smarter in America!


"Great book! Gift it to yourself, everyone! It will change your life!"

- Patricia Romanies

"I just wish that Design Smarts would've arrived BEFORE we did the remodeling of our farmhouse! Mitzi's ideas for aging in place would've been so helpful, especially her ideas in the master bath that help to get out of the tub! Fabulous book and fabulous lady!"

- Gina Marx

"As an avid reader of design books, this delightful book by interior designer Mitzi Beach covers so much more than design! For those of us planning and moving forward into the empty nesting years and beyond, it's a practical and powerful lifestyle guide. As an over 50 myself, I found Mitzi's Design Smarts reset to really hit home and her thoughts on downsizing and embracing life are just what I needed! She has filled the book with personal and professional examples that I know will be helpful in guiding me along to the best years yet!"

- Janet Coon

"I highly recommend Design Smarts:Inspiration for Home +Life for any and all ages. I had so many “ah ha” moments throughout this book. The book connects the dots between our home, our health and our mental well being. It also raises the question, are our homes supporting our health and lifestyle or are we simply making do with the status quo? We downsized two years ago from a big house in the country to a smaller condo near the city. I so wish I had this book as my guide before we started the journey. I found the questions at the end of each chapter so thought provoking. Whether you are 30 or 70, this book is an invaluable guide to living your best life. A new housing revolution is on the horizon and this book is on the leading edge of what’s to come."

-Linda Holt


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