What really is WELLNESS? I believe that WELLNESS is a life of wholeness and balance. Easy to say but how do we accomplish this life of ageless wellness? Let’s break down this huge topic by simplifying it into 4 main goals to experience this ageless wellness while at the same time, enjoying our lives!

So what does this photo have to do with ageless WELLNESS? Everything!


Regardless of age or lifestage, without family or friends or community, life to me is merely existing. We can make this happen, but we can’t expect the world to come to us, right?Experiencing close friendships through family, church, common interest groups and a myriad of other opportunities is out there for all of us. Key number 1 is  choosing to make this a part of our ageless wellness journey.


Oh boy, this is my huge challenge because I am so excited to take on way more than 10 people could do. However, I do recognize that the older I get, the more I need to take care of myself by scheduling my exercise, or it will not just happen. Making time for my own down time, getting 7-8 hours of GOOD sleep, and taming that busy monster of being busy versus being fruitful is my daily goal.  Balance is the true key to number 2.  



Oh boy, do I ever practice healthy eating most of the time, really I do. Is it easy? Heavens no! But everything that I want to accomplish hinges on me being healthy enough to do what I am doing. Now I know that I cannot control my future health status, but I definitely can control how and what I do on a daily basis. Through learning the simple secrets of eating and cooking healthy, key number 3 is certainly possible. And we have and will continue to share just how simple healthy cooking and eating can actually be.


Stopping the working treadmill type of living is not always a conscious thought or goal for many of us. What do you do just for fun? This is not an easy question for many of us. Personally, I love to walk outside with our dog Jake, enjoy our wonderful screened in porch, and hopefully pickle ball is in my future along with some new hobbies. It really doesn’t matter what we do as long as we are enjoying whatever gives us fun and pure pleasure. By laughing often, developing a schedule to include fun times, down times, key number 4 happens. 

Many may think that this is the tip of the ageless wellness iceberg. But is it really? 

Along with hoping that you will continue on this journey with me, it is my hope that you will also give us your tips and perhaps even secret weapons for winning this battle of ageless WELLNESS. Pleae know too that I so appreciate you all!

Living and loving life together,

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