1. My number one top tip for my keeping pounds off permanently is living by the 80-20 rule.

There is absolutely no way I could stay away from having ice cream, or pizza, or chip dip or whatever is not on my daily lifestyle. I live to eat not eat to live so I am one of those that savors her food. I really mean that I love good food!

So when I am having my 20% of my whatevers, I enjoy it to the max! No guilt or man this is going to sabatoge my diet or any of those mind games. That is a sure way to fail at whatever lifestyle eating works for you.

2. Next is staying away from processed food, packaged food, fast food, white sugar, white flour, white rice, lunchmeats, sodas & most cheeses.

There is just not much good about any of the above and any time you want to have a real discussion on my point of view..I’m yours but tons of studies and research backs me up.

3. I plan my meals on a daily basis almost 95% of the time.

In other words, I know what I am having for almost all of my meals. I would like to know how one can possibly stick to a clean eating plan or any other healthy food plan without planning and knowing?

Best way to fail for sure if to just hope you have a good eating day…not going to happen that often as most of you for sure already know this one. It is just way to easy to grab anything handy when starving or too tired or etc.

4. I eat very simply and uncomplicated foods.

Sticking to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats, poultry, and sea food is not only so easy to keep up but you watch, you will definitely save money in the long run.

5. Currently I am making my own salad dressings about 75% of the time to avoid all the additives, sugars, HFCS’s, and other yucky stuff I am over just consuming because it’s salad dressing & should be okay for me.

Right now I am on olive oil with fresh lemon juice and whatever else I feel like adding in like basil or sea salt or fresh ground pepper.

6. Watching carbs like even the good whole grain breads is really hard for me but it adds those pounds on me that are just not in pretty places.

So I know how much works for me and just have to divvy it out accordingly. Same holds true for whole wheat pasta and wild rice. I am finding though that quinoa works great for me without paying the price later.

7. I eat often and probably much more than most of you do.

It is a metabolism reality like putting gas in your car. It just won’t work without it.

Cars and people need fuel to be burning and churning…very simple concept but so misunderstood by most sincere hard dieting folks. The trick is when to eat and what to eat so…

8. Before lunch, I am eating my 1st breakfast (around 6:00 am ) of almond butter on whole grain bread with my coffee. Then…

I eat my real breakfast of either steel cut oats or an egg with another piece of whole grain something about 9:00 or earlier if I have early appointments.

Then a fruit with some nuts, lunch at noon, midafternoon healthy snack, and then dinner and call it quits for the day or try to not have my light popcorn or Cheerios cereal any more often other than when I am desperate to munch.

9. I plan my meals for most of the week but life happens and I’ve learned to be flexible and have a plan B tucked away or hopefully have something healthy in our freezer.

Or on those unexpected exhausting or crazy days, we might bring in a roasted chicken and salad from the salad bar or go out to eat!

10. And lastly but so important is the going out to eat. Really, really hard to maintain my weight so when I go out, I have learned tips and secrets to work it so I have a great experience without undoing all my other good eating routines.

But, if it is on my 20% or vacation or with family time, the heck with it.

I will order what really sounds good to me and just enjoy it all. Afte all, life is just way too short to be a food policeman on ourselves.

There will be more posts on this topic and also how to eat out without the sabatoge on our good intentions. And, how to do it fast because today, WE ARE ALL BUSY.

So go for it you Baby Boomers. What do you have “to lose”?