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Wow! What a response to the intro to my “Next Life Series.” I am so very grateful to those of you who commented and or liked what you read. You are affirming what is predicted for the huge wave of Boomers and Beyond (those in their seventies). Unfortunately, millions, literally, have nary a clue what they will do as their lives unfold to their next life stage. But you all are the wise or the BoomerSmart® ones by reading these posts. It is so exciting to hear how many of you are already making plans or have done so already in your own homes. Or, you are processing what your “must haves” are in your next homes.


But wait!


What were you thinking, Mitzi?


How could you possibly do merely one kitchen post??


And how are most of us really using our kitchens today if at all?


Seriously, what was I thinking?


Then, in addition to spending tons of time on my original post to kick-off this series, I had this almost tangible angst. What was I missing? Bingo, there is no “normal” any more these days on how our kitchens are used. So, let’s start off with this discussion.


How do you use your kitchen?


For this Boomer, I really am a cook!




However, for millions of Boomers and Beyond, they say, “Cook? Why or how? It is only me or me and my husband!” Or I hear, “I am too busy to cook” or “Who cooks these days?” Truly, they look at me like I have really gone off my rocker this time.


Actually, for those of you that fit this profile, I will be addressing the how-or-why cooking for and in this life stage. The posts will be interjecting the latest appliances being developed with you in mind. Very cool to hear this, right?


Wolf is taking the huge trend of smaller kitchens seriously with their whole line of small kitchen appliances.




There is no one profile that describes how this Boomer And Beyond demographic uses their kitchens. Many of us still want and do entertain for friends and family. And this will not change for me in our next home but it will look and be different. Oh yes, way different. Doing more with less is even possible in our kitchens.


Here are some photos of how I entertain these days by keeping it very simple sister. I plan on continuing this philosophy in

“My Next Life.”


Just opening up our homes for others to gather and fellowship is the point, right? It is not always about a fabulous meal. I love a fabulous meal prepared by a caring host or hostess, but how often can we pull that off in our busy lives of today?




All people love to come to our homes, and it definitely does not have to be fancy! And even when I set up my dining area table, I still keep it very simple or else in my life, it probably would not happen at all, which I believe is the way for most others, too.






Whew! Now we are finally ready to  get started. You must know by now that …




It has been the centerpiece of our home for tons and tons of gatherings whether just for two or for large groups like for showers or events. Well then,


Why am I so excited to start this new series?


1. Because I need this for myself!


2. Plus new products and designs are literally happening as we speak. I want to know, and surely you, too, want to know, what’s in or what now is “so very yesterday!”


3. Last, but of course not the least in importance for this series, is that millions of Boomers and Beyond are in a state of flux or transition. They are either relocating or staying put deciding to upgrade or remodel their existing abode. Since our homes are our major financial investment, this decision has huge ramifications for both the boomer and their families as well.


As I explained in my previous post, we will be moving in the years ahead due to lots of life happening to us. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to design my next kitchen or upgrade it.


When that time happens, these are my









To do this series justice, this post will be covering only #1:
no appliances on kitchen islands.


Why? Because they always look so beautiful in photos. But in real life usage, who doesn’t have dishes in the sink or pans on the stove? If it’s a kitchen that’s never used, fine,
but my kitchen is used and used a lot!




At our home we call Cypress, I love the open floor plan concept flowing into all the other living spaces. I love our selected finishes. I love the upgraded lighting we have and need. I love our appliances for this home. I love the space planning (I designed every inch of Cypress, just saying 🙂 You can view videos of our kitchen I’ve created over the years. However, my next kitchen will be at the same time very different but very much the same in my basic Boomer design and life principles. One of the ways it will be the same is, you guessed it, no island appliance.


See below examples of no island appliance realizing it can be done! An island does not have to have a stove or sink like this example from Butler Lighting — owner Carlos Butler and design consultant Jordan Franklin.


Butler lighting


Here’s another beautiful example of an island free of a sink or stove top from Tom Howley Kitchens.


tom howley


One of my favorite client projects was totally remodeling this home to use for family and friend entertaining. In this project, we needed another small sink so this beverage sink by Kohler is perfect. It keeps the island clean and free of real life. Now, this sink design and placement is used with ice for serving shrimp, beer or water in addition to having a second sink.


League Photo-marked


Next up on our posts will be more on the kitchen plus much more. We are just scratching the surface on “Keeping It Real.”


Please be watching for it. I know you are going to love it as we prepare our minds and homes for “What Is Next!”


Living and loving life together,