High Point October Market was such an affirmation to me that WELLNESS in our homes is a hot topic, even with the beautiful  Kathy Ireland. In our interview at Nourison Carpet where her many designed area rugs are on display, she shared with me her perspective on WELLNESS in our homes.

In this recap of mine from market, there were many venues connected to WELLNESS. I will highlight only 3 starting with my interview.

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Kathy Ireland believes more than ever that our homes today need to nurture us with a calm and peacefullness to counteract all the busyness and craziness of the world we live in today. In asking Kathy how she accomplishes WELLNESS in homes, she mentions her mentor, none other than the lovely Elizabeth Taylor  said, “lighting is the jewelry of the room”. Of course I agree and love hearing since my observations are that most of our spaces have incorrect or inadequate lighting.

Kathy also says she uses lighting to set the emotional tone of the room by using brighter lighting that is upbeat and cheerful for working and lower lighting to achieve a calm and restful setting.  Another aspect of her goals for WELLNESS in the home are her designs for Nourison area rugs that nurture spaces with comfort with plush textures and subtle colors.

Another WELLNESS focus was with a high level panel covering the importance of sanctuary  spaces, sustainable homes, clean air in our homes, and the products being as chemical free as possible.

A relevant book for platform and branding building is this excellent book by Kim Kuhteub. Her presentation at Alden Parks was my favorite as Kim weaved personal WELLNESS in her very professionally done power point. I took tons of notes and learned a lot from Kim.

As always, I find tons of furniture and accessories to share with you all. My purpose of highlighting a few stand outs is thinking it could help you in your design decisions. Of course, this is a tiny sampling of all the zillions of items that grabbed my attention. The interest in all things related to design is more than ever, important to today’s homeowner. I am already looking forward to spring HIgh Point Market where I can do more posts for you. For now, if you go to my Pinterest profile, you will see much more of what I think is trend on but also the classics for the future.

Lexington’s new beautiful atrium dining for designers and our industry members.

Gorgeous green leather chair by Wessley Hall showing our on trend love affair with greens.

Love this funky ottoman from C.R. Laine 

Behold these chairs from Taylor Burke Home will be in our new home. Psst..don’t tell Bob-Bob cuz he doesn’t know  yet…:)

(on the right) Best Buddies having fun- Julianne Taylor and Jeffrey Taylor here with a needed crazy reprieve.

Ordered this beautiful bedding from Company C for a client that will love this ensemble.

Woodbridge Furniture Book Cases are always in style. 

Too fun. I had a bike just like this, so thank you Universal Furniture for the memory! 

Fairfield Chair is leading the pack for smart furniture by offering these electronic charging features to any table. 

Visual Comfort sconces are unlimited in their design options which I am thrilled about since lighting is a huge factor in the WELLNESS of our homes.

Husdon Valley fun new introductions that must be in someones space!

Port 68 recognizes the genious of Madcap Cottage Designs and I could not be prouder of all their successes since I consider them my friends.

Timeless lamp from The Natural Light Company among their many stunning lamps for all styles and tastes.

The Thibaut showroom never dissappoints, ever!

Woodbridge Furniture understands the need for smaller scale furniture that is upscale in designs.

Blue is so popular in many shades in many design elements which makes me very happy since I am a blue and white girl forever.  This cerusean blue chair is from Uttermost.

Favorite reasons to attend market is connecting with super special friends like Kerrie and Jill at Denise McGaha’s fabric launch. 

We all love the lovely book by the lovely Courtney. I could have ordered on line but because she and I go way back to many Design Bloggers Conferences, I had to have her sign mine plus get a hug from her.

This too will be in our new home from Norwalk Furniture. This day bed is a snap to open with a great sleep experience for our guests or maybe me sometimes.

Next up is a series, Why Our Home Is So Loved. Please join us because I believe you are going to benefit from this series. 

Using both video and photos throughout our home, I will be explaining the purposes of why the design elements are so appealing and necessary to live a wonderfully fullfilling life in ones’s home that is not only beautiful, but function and safe as well.

Living and Loving Life Together,


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