I am 61 with my first Lifesizing® website portrait 2007. Can you believe it has been that long ago?

Are you aware my dear readers what your life COULD look like?

Make sure your GOOD never delays your GREAT.

Yes, Good can certainly be the enemy of Great in your personal or professional life. Relating to the best seller by Jim Collins, “Good to Great, Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t”, is perhaps one of the most important self- introspective question you can ask yourself for your future well being in all the areas of your life.

Gail Derrebery and I working Lifesizing® way back in 2007

Allow me to explain why this is concept relates to my goals for you and my reasonings for doing what I have done and will continue to do as long as I possibly can. Way back in the early 2000’s, observing what was happening in the homes and in the lifestyles of my “my people” or those over 50 (the O50s), I was greatly concerned. This passionate concern led me to create and even trademark the term, Lifesizing® as a vehicle to motivate and educate my beloved O50s. You all realize that I could have selfishly lived my own Lifesizing® life in my own home and in my own wellness routines and the heck with everyone else!

My second website promoting Wisdom.

But this is not who I am not to share what has worked for me as an O50 for a very long time. What I am meaning is that now being in my early 70’s, I am experiencing the fruits of my Lifesizing® efforts. To withhold these life changing keys would be selfish or even arrogant of me knowing first -hand how the empowering impact of daily choices do indeed affect the quality of life.

This very same principle is the major difference between merely downsizing versus Lifesizing®.



How so? You all know that life is a constant array of choices. Therefore, the question is are you choosing to live by chance or live your life by choice?

This is my very first website emphasizing CHOICE OVER CHANCE LIVING

It truly comes down to you choosing a lifestyle that will empower you as you make your day to day choices. The GOOD, no, the GREAT exciting news is that it doesn’t matter where you are right now, positive changes done today will have a positive outcome on your future. It is never, ever too late to make a difference for your future!

Why not give yourself the tools to find your way to being Great instead of wandering lost on the back roads or taking unnecessary detours? There is a highway to get you to your Lifesizing® destination. How?

Set up your own personal GPS by reading my new series,

“O50’s, Yes You Can!”

This series will navigatie your direct route to Lifesizing® through Design SMARTS. For a faster route, order my book to avoid the possible construction delays that could take you so much longer to reacing your destination of experiencing a life of greatness.

Are you thinking “oh sure Mitzi, me living a life of greatness?”

Yes, I am talking to you! Imagine going from starting each of your days unchartered versus having a road map of a planned route to where you are driving to each day? Just this one daily choice alone will move you into your life of merely living in GOOD to living in GREAT. You see, it is the little day by day choices or even hour by hour choices that add up to making you where you will be next year or in five years and beyond.

 I will be beginning  with the first acronym, Space. Do not think for a minute that all that will be covered are walk in showers or grab bars, oh no, not even close! Your home holds your potential for being your restorative weapon against the stresses of today. Therefore, your living spaces will be one of our first areas to dig into with some really fun and creative ideas for you to consider. Here is an example of what I have for you.

Have an empty corner? Make it your special nest for your down times. I did this in my home with very little effort.

As you always know, I will be rooting for you. And, please feel free to give your own challenges and or solutions in the comment section. I read everyone because I am learning right along with you on our O50 journey!

Living and Loving life together,

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