cert-300Interior designers:  do you want to be known as a Certified #BoomerSmarts Expert to build your own businesses?

Today, I’m excited to share with you my new CERTIFIED #BoomerSmarts EXPERT badge for your own websites and blogs, to help you build your businesses amongst potential clients, local to you, who want to know you’ve been trained by me in how to serve their unique and evolving needs.

Understanding the housing and interior design issues that are affecting homeowners 50+, America’s approx. 80 million baby boomers, will be big business over the coming years ahead. With the youngest of the  80 million boomers turning 50  this year – and 10,000 boomers a day turning 65 from now through 2030 — this is sure to be an area of growth for many of you who want to help your own customers and clients stay in their own homes as long as they would like to do so.

As 1 of America’s top experts in #BoomerSmarts design, as an author, speaker and educator, with my Masters In Interior Design and over 30 years of interior design experience and having built my own home, CYPRESS, as a living laboratory for the principles I teach, I am thrilled to now be able to help YOU build your businesses, too, in this easy new way by sharing with potential clients, local to you, on your own websites and blogs, this badge which indicates to them that you are THE local #BoomerSmarts expert in your area and that you’ve been trained by me.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to put this badge on your sites after you take my CEU, as it is not from a certified organizational body as is the CAPS certification,  but if you would like to, I am offering it to you, for free, as an additional way to let your new potential clients know that you have furthered your education in this area through taking my #BoomerSmarts 4 hour CEU. 

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How do you receive it? By signing up for and completing my new 4 hour HSW designated and  IDCEC/NKBA approved course on


I will be delivering this new 4 hour CEU for the 1st time during the upcoming High Point Market, at the new Hadley Court Center For Design Collaboration at the Bienenstock Furniture Library on Monday, October 20th between 2-6 pm.

Would you like to sign up for it? If so, please click: https://mitzibeach.com/ceu-classes/ceu-sign-up/ 

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In addition to offering my new 4 hour CEU offline at High Point Market, I will soon be offering it online,too, in [ 4 ]  1 hour installments via my new customized Go To Training channel -something I’ve been asked by many of you to make available. When it’s live, you will be able to use Pay Pal to watch each of the  [4 ] 1 hour segments from your computers at home, at work or from anywhere else that’s convenient for you.

If you’d like to be notified when my new online training channel goes live, please give me your email address in the space provided for that on the homepage of my site:


To receive my badge for your websites or blogs, all you’ll need to do is to complete the short, quick test the IDCEC requires I administer for online CEU’s, and, as soon as I have word from the IDCEC that your CEU credit has been accepted,  I will immediately send you the password to download my button or badge from my website, or both, for use on your own website or blog, if you’d like to use it.

In addition, I will be adding a directory to my own website, so I can help my site’s visitors find you – designers who are local to them- who have taken my 4 hour CEU. This is another way I can help elevate you and help you find new business for yourselves. 

I will eventually expand this program to include real estate agents, decorators, stylists and stagers who would also like to have my Certified #BoomerSmarts Expert badge on their own websites and blogs, but, for now, I am starting with interior designers who need the CEU credits to meet and maintain their ASID, NKBA, IDS membership accreditation standards and those of their state accreditation boards, too.

If you will be attending High Point Market, I invite you to sign up for my 4 hour CEU on https://mitzibeach.com/ceu-classes/ceu-sign-up/ and be among the first designers in the country to receive my new badge for your websites or blogs, if that appeals to you,  and to be listed on my site’s directory so your potential clients – local to you – can find you when they visit my site for #BoomerSmarts products and information.

Remodeling homes, to function for multi-generations, like the one shown below,  is increasingly going to need well trained designers like you who can be identified as #BoomerSmarts Experts. 

Mitzi Beach, ASID, NCIDQ, CAPS


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