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At High Point Market with the lovely Eleonora Candilera and Brittany Colatrella from Technogel®

What is a good night’s sleep worth to you? Millions of Americans are either on sleep medication, have sleep issues, wake up with stiffness, or wake up like they never actually went to bed at all. And without a good night’s sleep, our quality of life is basically on a slow speed until we finally do receive that good night’s sleep.

Of course, stress, lifestyle habits, life stages, noise, etc. play a part in sleep deprivation. But even when those factors are not an issue, millions still struggle with waking up feeling like they cannot get their day started with any energy or feeling ready to start their days.

This is why I was so interested in a new sleep mattress and pillow technology called Technogel®. I have learned that this gel technology, unlike the foam technology in many of our popular mattresses today, can give us a far superior good night’s sleep. One basic reason (coming from my limited technological and science background) is that gel can be dispersed in four directions, meaning both ways horizontally and vertically. Foam, on the other hand, can only move vertically. This is a huge factor in why the gel mattress can support our body weight in new dimensions.

Technogel® mattress

Technogel® mattress

The essentials of a good restorative night’s rest is having a mattress that relaxes muscles, supports the spine and provides comfort. Gel sleep technology increases our potential for all three essentials for the much-needed rejuvenation we all need in this crazy, busy world we all live in today.

Did you know that the average person turns over 18 times a night? Does your mattress have the resiliency to reposition and respond to your body weight all night long? Gel technology, according to major sleep studies, appears to accomplish this stableness as we toss and turn, because gel does not only go up and down vertically. As I tested out the beds in the showroom, this was so evident and delightfully comfortable!

I can't wait to try out these Technogel® pillows!

I can’t wait to try out these Technogel® pillows!

Did you also know that 20 percent of our sleep quality is determined by pillows? I must say, I know this is true for me after waking up many times with a stiff neck after trying every kind of pillow, from those advertised on TV, the high-end pillows in sleep stores, or even bamboo. I will soon be to be trying a Technogel® pillow and will report back to you on this one.

So until we do our follow up blog post, here is a link for more information on this amazing new way to get that great night’s sleep: http://us.technogelworld.com

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