I recently visited Atlanta for a #WorkTrip and had a fabulous time soaking up more social media marketing knowledge at the #DesignInfluencersConference. My reason for not missing this conference is the privilege to hear from the top marketing experts along with receiving valuable tips from successful designers across the country.

I met and reconnected with so many amazing people who were all thrilled to be together again after a 2 year hiatus. A few spotlights here in this reel to share with you all:

Thank you, Adam Japko, for your perseverance and dedication to give us another spectacular event. We all agree that Adam gives and gives and gives to our interior designer community. Plus, he is just a super smart people person which is why we have been special friends since 2011. #lifelonglearner

The inspirational @Coreydamonjenkins delivered hope to us all! Corey’s story reminds us that often our failures truly can make us even more tenacious to achieve our goals. We could have listened to him all day!

@LibbyLangdon totally wowed and inspired! One cannot be around Libby and not soak up her enthusiasm and energy for all the potential opportunites that the furniture and design industry holds for all of us if we step out and go for it!

Betsy Nanley, House Therapy, has this contagious smile that beckoned me to know more about her. You can too at betsy@housetherapy.com @betsyathousetherapy Ask her about her chicken happy hour during the shut downs!

There is a story behind this beautiful photo of Stephanie Beverly and I that goes back to 2015 when I noticed that her countenance resonated with exactly what mine was like at my first Design Conference in 2011; totally overwhelmed! Because I knew the heart of Adam Japko, I asked and received for Stephanie a complimentary pass to all the presentations for that 2015 conference. And here she is now, the definite image of poise and accomplishment. Connect with her @twelve15_designstudio https://www.twelve15designstudio.com

The lovely Rhoda Vickers Hendrix of Southern Hospitality @southernrhoda It is always so special for me to meet a designer that I have followed for a very long time. She is exactly as her social media image portrays of authentic grace and beauty. You can follow her too! https://southernhospitalityblog.com

HUGE WIN! One of my main goals in attending this conference is to meet those awesome designers that I follow on social media like Janet Lorusso, and I did! Janet’s photography and her blog writing are at the highest professional level! Plus, she is a fabulous cook and gives all her recipes. Follow Janet at @jrlinteriors https://www.jrlinteriors.com

Leslie Carothers, Design Wealth Facebook group, is the queen of social media marketing! Anyone in our industry appreciates the level of Leslie’s experience and knowledge that she generoulsy shares. She gave us a ton of relevant and sound tips on upgrading our Facebook groups for relevancy and feedback. @lesliemcarothers Designhappyliving.com


I am so thankful that I attended this awesome Design Influencers conference! Now being full of valuable and treasured memories and marketing knowledge, I’m realizing how very blessed and fortunate I was to have this incredible experience at my “young age” to share my #BoomerSmartsLifesizingTips