Mark and Becky explained to me that the Palms is literally man made. It is shaped like a palm tree and at the end of the “fronds” is where this photo is taken…near the famous Atlantis Resort. So I am beginning this post at the Palms…..

Lunch @ the beach

Beach @ Palm island off Atlantis & huge water park. Of course..lots of huge in Dubai.

Dancing at end of Palms off Atlantis Hotel looking back at Dubai with iconic Barj Al Arab. Who does this? So fun!

Cultural Breakfast Learning about food, customs, and dress had the 4 of us mesmerized

No shoes. Asked politely to place in cabinets

Why not? I learned a lot by actually experiencing versus listening only..of course! I’m a visual learner and boy was this ever a visual!

Old and new Dubai intersect. Water taxis are not OSHA approved 🙂 .

This side of water is the new Dubai

Background is old Dubai

In love! In old Dubai at the souks… Had a blast buying pashmina’s, purses, and “good stuff at very good price” ! Mark and Becky were my heroes on “negotiating”!

Our Max Man is so over all this touring so later for me too.

Loving and living life together,