“Oh, your home is so peaceful, Mitzi” is my favorite compliment to receive (which is the most common!) because I enjoy opening that conversation… “Thank you so much, but you know that it was not by chance that it looks like this….” and many @BoomerSmartLifesizingtips later and they are inspired to create a more peaceful environment around them. 

Two C’s to Jumpstart a Joyful Home

CHOOSE to have a more joyful home! We look at some elements and clutter around our homes and determine if it brings you JOY or not! If not, we talk about what to do with that clutter and how to design a more joyful living space.

Watch the full video below in my BOOMER SMARTS series, where you’ll learn a few of those tips and also learn my heart about why this is so important for us to pay attention to in our lives.

Peace is key! 

Homes have messages…

What is yours saying to you?