How often do most of us look at beautiful photos of interiors or exteriors thinking it way beyond our means or ability?


Well, to a certain extent, the sky is the limit is not in most of our budgets or talents. However, here’s what I know to be true. We all can do something to our interior or exterior spaces that can mimic those photos or at least be inspired to take something from them and make it happen for ourselves.


Case in point. Look at our driveway in this before photo. What don’t you see? The boxwoods, the arbor full of blooming roses, the ground cover, the picket fence that borders this courtyard plus other elements are not there. You see, we had to start somewhere and this was a DIY project as evidenced by observing the “guy on the front right” is my very own, BobBob the builder!



So you see, the images in this video were not in existence when we bought our home Cypress. Along with that line of thinking, none of what you see in my videos or photos of our home, were in existence.


I have decided to go public on the bare, raw images of what we restored to now become our beloved Cypress. Be prepared to be shocked at what we actually bought. You will either be very impressed or think that we need more meds than is legal!


With this new awareness of the before of our courtyard, take a fresh look at our “secret garden”:



The courtyard at our home isn’t large but it incorporates the same elements we use to design the inside of the home: texture, color, balance and proportion. We did this by incorporating a sidewalk and planting a variety of flowers and Bob-Bob’s one request: a Japanese maple.


No matter the size, designing an outdoor space can be meaningful and relaxing. It’s all about creating something beautiful that adds pleasure to life. And that is so BoomerSmart.


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