YES, Cooking Healthy for One or Two Can Be Easy, Fast, and Yummy!

Do you believe that you are important enough to be a priority in how and what you cook or eat?

Aging Gracefully demands the busting of false paradigms in all areas of life and what we eat is a biggie.

Please read on. 

In my wonderful Facebook group of 50+ers,

I am going through the R section of my book which stands for ROUTINE. ie, our lifestyles. Recently, I did a video post on asking this question,


The reasoning for this question is obvious to most of you in that unless we truly CHOOSE to make ourselves a priority, significant lifestyle changes are unlikely to manifest in anyone’s eating habits.

I believe there are 3 pillars to Wellness in Aging Gracefully:

1. Seek to achieve a balanced life in all areas

2. Implement or apply acquired knowledge

3. Choose to prioritize yourself

Bundle up time for winter walking is definitely a wise choice. Exercise is our friend by pumping up our immune systems, helps a ton for heart health, and lifts our spirits whether indoors or out.

You see, it is not enough to merely read this post without a decision to do what it takes to become healthy and stay healthy. An exceptionally essential “ingredient” to Healthy Aging is choosing to cook or to eat healthy. Sounds rather unrealistic right, but how to do this for just one or two?

Here’s how:

One two three, done! Turkey breast in crock pot with high quality broths. This provided us with 5 dinners plus 3 lunches for me.

Step number one is to PLAN your healthy meals even if it is to order out, make yourself a priority by choosing wisely. Randomly grabbing whatever at the end of your day when the absolutely last thing possible for you is to even think about cooking is a trap leading to failure and guilt. I get that! 

In this post, this week’s worth of meals is the tip of the iceberg regarding the answer to cooking and eating healthy for one or two. Again, in my book, Design Smarts, chapters 12, 13, and 14 are detailed explanations on how and why HEALTH is the New WEALTH

So from this one turkey breast done simply in my crock pot with the added broths, produce meals for 5 nights and my lunch for 3 days. 

Meal Number One

Succulent turkey breast in broth, steamed fresh broccoli, with cranberry sauce for added flavor (only small portion since high in sugars).

Meal Number Two

BobBob’s favorite is so amazingly simple, healthy, fast, with only one pan!

My favorite and often way of cooking for us is when there is only one pan. Yes, this is so possible! With leftover turkey or chicken (can be of course from purchased roasted chicken) I simply saute’ fresh spinach in a small amount of olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt. Optional is fresh squeezed lemon juice. Turn off burner.

While still hot, over cooked spinach, add leftover turkey or chicken, added small amount of favorite tomato sauce (I used tomato vodka sauce from Sam’s) sprinkled with fav parmesan or Romano cheese.  Cover to let flavors blend.

 Purchased this sauce from Sam’s. A little bit gives a huge flavor punch along with saving calories.

I have also used bruschetta to add a wonderfully delicious addition when poultry seems bland.

So you see, it’s definitely possible to cook and eat healthy even while living super buy lives. But, the biggest obstacle is your decision if you a priority enough to choose to do this for yourselves?

Nothing in life, absolutely nothing in life moves forward without our decision to choose a new way or to remain in the same path forward. This is why the  motto of my group is, “We do more for ourselves, so that we can be more for others.”

Lastly, what’s better than a satisfying healing turkey or chicken soup? This is the final meal from cooking once then eating and enjoying many, many fast, healthy, easy, and healthy meals.

And you all can too!

Living and loving life together,


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