It’s been a bizzzzzy time for Be BoomerSmart® and I’m excited to share what’s buzzing in our world …



Due to networking at the recent Design Bloggers Conference and with special thanks to Adam Japko and Esteem Media, I had the great pleasure of connecting with At Home and started a dialogue with them that led to me serving as an influencer and blogger for the home decor retailer. We are so fortunate to have an At Home store here in Wichita, Kansas. This location is recent so it has us “buzzing” about all the amazingly cool items available along with pricing that most definitely pleases and surprises. I am thrilled beyond belief to be associated with At Home and will be sharing my first blog post for them next week!



Another cool opportunity that has us “buzzing” is with John-Richard via our favorite rep, marketer, etc, Sarah Young. Watch for BoomerSmarts® to be featured on their Designer Profile coming soon on their new updated website. This gorgeous credenza, from their spring market introductions, exemplifies why this showroom continues to delight designers market after market!



BoomerSmart® will represent the monthly ASID  feature in an article on color coming up in the next issue of Kansas City Home & Style magazine. The piece will include several bright and cheery pieces found also at High Point Market this spring. However, for this post, I selected these very handsome leather swivel club chairs from Wesley Hall to showcase that greens of all shades were the darling of market. And again, my never-ever changing design philosophy is first, function, second, comfort, and third, beauty. I’m admittedly a tough critic. Therefore, loving these chairs that meet my three design essentials is not a random pick, believe me.



How cool is this? Catching my flight home from Ohio recently, I needed a finish sample for a client. John Strauss, with John Strauss Furniture Design, Ltd., personally brought the sample to me at the Akron Canton airport. Now that’s what I call a very special delivery plus outstanding service! We had a blast just catching up, but we were actually working too. My clients are in love with John’s furniture being green design, made in America by expert craftsman who deliver an outstanding custom product every time.



This is the TV cabinet that we were selecting a finish. I can’t wait to see this one in my client’s mid-century modern ranch home.

Sheridan Rd. Media Cab Cherry sm


And BTW, while I was away in Ohio celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother, guess what happened at our home Cypress? Yep, a huge swarm of bees decided to make their new home under our front balcony! So I asked Bob Bob, who had returned home from a business trip before I did, these questions.


Q: How long did it take for bees to swarm at our house and build their combs?

A: I think they arrived Monday or Tuesday last week. I got home Thursday night and noticed the swarm flying by the thousands at the south end of our porch. Sounded like the air force taking off. Shortly after that the “bee ball” attached to the side of the front porch. The entry gap to the space above the ceiling was only one bee wide so it took a while for all of them to get through the gap.



Q: What were the types of bees names and who does what?

A: There was Judy, Tom, Bill, Bobby, Sam, etc.:) They were honey bees and there is one queen, some drones (males) whose only job is to mate. The females are the worker bees involved with nectar and pollen gathering. Other bees make the honey for the honey comb. The honey comb souvenir we have was built in two to three days. It’s made out of bees wax. Talk about busy as a bee!!


Q: How did he remove them?  

A: He gently sucked up the bee ball, which includes the queen, with a specially designed vacuum system. Once he had all of the bees in the vacuum can, he cut off the honey combs with a knife. He waited over an hour as workers came back from the field and sucked them up also in groups of 5-20. He knew he had the queen in the vacuum can and the returning bees tended to hover around the can wanting to get in.


Q: Where did he take them?  

A: He took them to his house where he had a specially prepared bee hive that would be almost as perfect a home for them as our porch ceiling was. He said it is against the law to intentionally kill bees in Kansas.

Well, this wraps up our news that we wanted to share with you all to keep you in the loop. Why? Because we value each and everyone of you that take the time to check in with us. Our goal for you is to not only see what we are doing, but hopefully give you take aways whether relevant or entertaining or both!

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