Beyond the Ohio fall beauty, there was a purpose for my daughter, Kara, traveling from Denver, and myself, from Kansas…a very special purpose indeed.

That remarkable woman is our mother, grandmother extraordinaire who absolutely refused to allow me to give her a 90th birthday celebration.

I wish I had time and space to tell you about mom’s zillions of examples giving her time, food, money, and energy not only to our family and to her friends; but to still helping out at the food bank, still cooking and serving those in need at the community center, and on and on and on.

So because of all she is and all she does I wanted to honor her with a significant celebration with her tons of friends and family. Man oh man did she not only not like this idea but told me in no uncertain terms – the Ellen Garrett way. She said to me, ”Mitz, DO NOT give me a surprise either” and she really, really meant it.

You see, she is a behind-the-scenes worker with a servant’s heart. She said being the center of attention is just not her. Okay, mom, I get it but what then…it’s your 90th birthday!

Ellen Garrett, as my late dad used to call her, got her wish for her birthday. Here is a glimpse into how we spent our quiet, but rich in family and Ohio fall treasures, birthday celebration.

It was Ellen Garrett’s 90th birthday celebration!

And this is at 90 years of age mind you!

Spending a day in Amish Country

And with very special and loved family

Enjoying the beautiful fall scenes everywhere

Kara listening to family stories

And finally, after church: Kara, Mom, sister Kim and me

Happy Birthday Ellen Garrett!