I know, all these Beach names are so confusing but they are really real, promise!

My name of course is Mitzi Beach. We have a rental on Holden Beach, N.C. and I do Beach cooking there (see our recent vlog here) at the Beach Dream, the name of our Beach House.

Oh my, lots of Beach stuff going on for sure in my life but cooking and eating where ever we are is what we all love and we want to make it fun, tasty, and healthy. And yes, that is not an oxymoron!

So I am sharing my family and friends absolute favorite seafood dish that I cook while at our Beach Dream ocean home. I only buy at Pete’s Seafood Market and normally our seafood is caught the night or morning before…need I say more on how heavenly this is? Many markets however across the country now boast of bringing in fresh/frozen seafood which works also.

Love old fashioned iced bins

Recipes from the Cooking At the Beach Vlog



Fresh crab w/cocktail sauce on crosinis

Edam (or any fine cheese ) cheese on crackers, apples, etc

Parmesan Crusted Flounder Infused w/lemon

Zucchini, Tomato Stir Fry

Green Salad

Real Garlic Bread


Fresh strawberries on pound cake w/ whip cream

Recipes / Serves 4

Parmesan Crusted Flounder w/Lemon

4 pounds Flounder Filets / I buy 1/4 to 1/2 pound of seafood per person

3/4 cup Bread Crumbs ( may need more )

1/2 to 3/4 cup parmesean grated cheese

1 egg beaten w/2 T water

Garlic salt to tastes

1/4 cup to 1/2 cup Olive oil

1 – 2 lemons depending on size cut in quarters or less

Mix cheese, garlic salt and bread crumbs in wide bowel

Dip flounder filets first in beaten egg w/water then in bread crumb/ cheese mixture

Heat olive oil in large heavy skillet to medium / heat.

( I have a challenge at the Beach Dream cooking on electric when normally I cook on gas so adjust accordingly.)

Brown the breaded flounder filets skin side up for about 2 – 3 minutes depending on thickness. ( May need to add a bit more olive oil )Turn and same timing on other side.



This is now the time for the extra kick or fun fusion I call it.

Place cooked browned flounder filets on platters, squeeze lemons juice over filets, and along with lemon pieces cover and wrap in foil for at least 5 minutes. I usually do 10 minutes.

Our Flounder dinner

I have everyone at the table and all is ready for rest of meal before I even start the flounder so it is really extra awesome right off the cook’s stove! Salad is on table along of course with the warm bread.

Since this is a family meal or friends, I serve each plate in the kitchen along with the zucchini / tomato dish. I am a cook to please the palate not the formality of dinners :). And, I have served large groups doing this meal with the key being READY…guests ready to eat and the cook ready and organized. Don’t be intimidated. This is a fun time meal and always someone is helping me. I have great families and great guests that get in on the doing and in on the loving the eating.

Bob & Jessie

Zucchini and Tomato Stir Fry

2 – 3 tomatoes depending on size

4 – 6 “baby’ zucchinis or 2 – 3 larger ones

1/c cup Parmesan Cheese or to taste

1 tsp Dried Basil

1/2 tsp Garlic Salt ( or more to taste )

2 T Olive Oil

Slice zucchini and cut quarter or smaller chunks of tomatoes

Heat olive oil to cover heavy skillet pan and heat to medium to medium high

Brown the zucchini on both sides adding the basil and garlic salt

Add tomatoes and stir in just till warm through out

Sprinkle in parmesan, cover, and let sit until meal is served. Can do ahead and reheat but not RECOOK. Veggies are not so tasty when mushy.

“The Rest of Story” or meal is:

For the crab appetizer, I simply bought frozen crab prepared shredded to which I added prepared seafood cocktail sauce until it was “red” enough. Serve on choice of crackers or etc.

And for the cheese tray, any fine cheese at room temp is a no brainer. Again, serve with choice of crackers or fruits.

Fresh strawberries over pound cake with a dollop of whip cream, another no brainer for dessert and voila…a meal to remember!

Pete’s seafood market under Holden Beach Bridge