It almost seems like we should say, “Drum roll please!” with our completed “after” of the Basic Boomer Beige Hearth Room Makeover. 


I have to admit that no matter how many design projects that I am involved with from start to finish, the satisfaction of seeing the results in delighted clients never loses its designer rush!


For those of you that did not see the “before” post, click here to review the principles and elements of interior design we addressed in turning this former boring, boomer beige hearth room into nothing but boring!




But first, let’s discuss FUNCTION. Probably my number one frustration is lack of functioning spaces or products. I am truly angered when I see brand new homes that deserve maybe a C+ in the way they function. For heaven’s sakes already, we must need function police! This is also so true of materials and products as well.


Enter Crypton fabric. I was introduced to this marvel of a fabric at High Point Market in North Carolina several years back. Due to its amazing properties of cleanability, my designer brain was immediately hooked forever more. Watch this very short video and see why. 



Since my market is the 50+ or Boomers, I also speak and write on Ageless Design for every age and stage. From young couples to grandparents, who doesn’t want to not worry about their furniture and just simply live on it without any concerns? 


Therefore, I had not a moment’s hesitation to use Crypton fabric for recovering these large and much loved club chairs. We greatly appreciate Crypton for sponsoring this blog post, too.







Many homeowners are either shyly skittish with color, using it in the wrong places or using too much color. I often say that one has to calculate where color’s impact will resonate the best. In this room, the client recently purchased their beige sofa and loveseat but an opportunity of color’s punch could happen in reupholstering their two favorite club chairs. And as you can see, this is exactly where this room’s color punch happened in a very wonderful and appropriate application of calculated color. Add in the colorful pillows, rug, accessories, and even the green of the plants now enliven up this lovely couple’s hearth room.





Another design misconception is that light or mid-tone neutrals won’t be dark. Look at the before photos to realize there were no dark colors but the room was without life and light. 


Actually adding the right shade of the reds and golds, along with the lamps, “enlightened” this room. We actually added three lamps since the room was almost dreary looking and certainly not a warm, intimate space. 







Okay you all, how many added textures did you count? My favorite textural element is the accent rug under the coffee table. Then for smooth textures are the shine on the high drama clock and the glass on the art print. Add also the sheen from the porcelain small accents and there you have it.  


Of course, I must emphasize the warm fuzzy texture of that gorgeous red Crypton fabric on the chairs continues the layering of an intimate space. 







Do you realize that the majority of the shapes in our spaces are linear? Look around you and observe all the rectangular shapes: doors, windows, sofas, cabinets, islands and etc. So introducing a variety of shapes to our spaces does just that very thing, adds variety. Round coffee table, bulbous lamp bases, shapely vases on fireplace, round lamp shades, accessories in coffee table tray, plus the combo of shapes on the leaves of those wonderful trees create the interest necessary but rarely sought out. 







Another oops in a majority of spaces is too much little stuff! 


I even have a name for it: “the little stuff disease.” Seriously. Rather than tons of little knick-knacks on the walls, these two larger wall items do exactly what’s needed.  Funny discussion with the client was her second-guessing that the trees were too large for the space. Well, obviously I politely disagreed and brought them any way. They are just the right touch for bringing in the height in scale needed to frame the sitting area. OBTW, she agrees!


What an honor to be able to make positive differences in client’s lives. Hopefully, this post will enable and equip you with sound design principles on why and how to make wise purchases for your own spaces. 


Living and loving life together,





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