At a recent Via Christi’s Women’s Connection event, speaker Dr. Connie Marsh explained that depression has many faces such as anger, anxiety, withdrawal tendencies, insecurity, eating disorders, irregular sleep patterns and on and on.

Why is this important to know if depression is at the core of these issues?

Because, as Dr. Marsh explained, the repercussions of untreated depression are or can be devastating to careers, families, relationships and our health for sure. Plus, the sooner it is diagnosed correctly and give proper treatment, the easier and better chance for recovering normal life patterns.

What does depression look like?

Being irritable A LOT, poor motivation, lack of concentration, decreased self-worth, mood swings, no energy, poor sleep patterns, feelings of guilt, eating disorders or other addictions. Plus, physical problems may manifest from depression as well as affecting career or work performance, and sadly also, family relationships and effect on parenting abilities.

This is so not about just being in a bad mood all the time! Oh no, depression is a very far reaching issue. And women, unfortunately, experience depression more than men. Can we hear a big duh??

I have dealt with depression myself over many stages of life. First time, post-partum blues hit me really hard. Second time was the combo of empty nest and peri- menopause…awful time!

I was very fortunate to have had help both medically, personally, and spiritually that literally saved me and of course, my family and my marriage.

Depression still has a stigma as a sign of weakness in our society’s bar of success of looking and acting like we all have it together. This is a trap for sure that we women battle constantly. But as I have said before, I love being in my sixties because I no longer have to prove anything to anybody! So if it should occur again in my life, I’m out of here seeking help.

Dr. Marsh told us not to accept that we are super women just barely making it through life. And not to allow others whether they be medical or personal normalize our condition as just a stage of life or whatever. Oh no, be proactive in getting the help needed and finding the right help and correct diagnosis.

Dr. Marsh also firmly believes that stress is a HUGE contributor to experiencing depression. Our over-loaded, never-ending days have a major impact on our mental and emotional state as well as our physical well being…and none of it is good.

I am so passionate about us all living the life we are designed to live that I am doing a series on stress (a significant cause of depression) starting in January.

Because, Living Our Wisdom cannot be accomplished without a sound mind, body, and spirit. I truly hope many will evaluate where they are in designing their daily lifestyles and I can assure you this, I will be at the head of the line!

Living and loving life together,