Here we go again…

I can see you rolling your eyes at the very thought of “me, a priority to me”??

Let me guess. Your thoughts are something along these lines.

“Well, that is the most selfish thing I ever heard.”

“I have way too much to do and too many people need me to even think about what I need for myself.”

“Maybe she can do this for herself, but obviously, she doesn’t know my circumstances”.

Well, beloved Boomers and 50+ ers, you do not know my circumstances either and if you did, chances are, there probably are vast amounts of similarities that we all share.

At this stage of life, we are all pretty shocked at just how busy we are…right? Weren’t things supposed to slow down…even a little? Just simply not the case for most of us and we will spend a lot of time discussing how things are changing so quickly and how challenging it is just to keep up let alone get ahead of it all!

We simply must make ourselves a priority to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of everyone and everything else!

Everything now seems to take more time than we thought and more energy than we have. It used to be days and weeks flying by and now it is months and even years.

Yikes! When did I say I was going to start eating better; start or do more exercising; get more rest, and find something just for myself?

So, here is the crux of this whole “me” priority issue. Very simply put: making yourself and taking care of yourself your number one priority is the absolute least selfish thing you can do.

We just cannot give to our family, friends, or any endeavor truly our best effort if we are compromised by our physical, mental, or emotional health.

We cannot give away what we do not have.

If we do not have energy from poor eating, lack of exercise, or sleep, or being out of balance, who suffers those consequences? I know for me it is Bob-Bob and those closest to me whom I love the most. Now, to me, that is being selfish.

But on days that I have had a good walk or have done yoga, eaten well, had a good night’s rest, oh my gosh, am I ever pleasant and engaged. As you might guess, on those days when everything else is draining me and pulling at me from all directions, and I haven’t taken care of my own basic needs, well, I am not the pleasant person that I so strive to be. I just physically, mentally, and emotionally just can’t make it happen.

So one more time, make yourself your number one priority and watch and see what happens in your life. I would really like to know.

Keep asking yourself, if not now, when? Honestly and truly, when?

Living and loving life together,