Are you now listening louder to what your home is telling you and everyone else? You are going to love knowing these 3 ways to make a huge difference in your home’s message!

1.      Control the clutter

Last week’s post discussed what is your home’s message for you and for others including entering into your home. This first image is the ”in progress ” entry that I designed for an exceptionally long hallway/entrance. My goal was to create a visual composition through this custom made unit of large chests with a connecting bench. I added electrical wiring in the chests so these goreous lamps would not have unsightly cords. Large custom mirrors were framed in the same gorgeous red finish.

Of course, most of us will not have this super huge entry space to deal with but the design principle goals are always consistant incorporating scale and proportion, lighting, and controlling the visual clutter.

Does your home have visual fatigue from not controlling the clutter? Another definition could be defined as sensory overload from consciously or unconsciously trying to absorb each items or element in a space. Consider walking through your rooms as a stranger, I know, hard to do, but please try. Look at the amount and placement of every single accessory meaning lamps, plants, walls, furniture, every single thing in your rooms. What is your honest reaction? This my friends is exactly what others see and feel when they come into your home.

Is this important? You betcha this is very important and if you’re not sure, please read last week’s blog on the why’s your home holds the potential for healing those daily stresses which is so necessary for your health and well being. We all know that stress is a cause of inflammation which is a cause of tons of diseases. Therefore, yes, this is very important information.

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Perhaps the biggest mistake homeowners make in their homes is not understanding the impact of scale and proportion. This is why in my book, Design Smarts, in the section on Space, I discuss this design principle at length. What does clutter have to do with scale and proportion you might be thinking? Too many small tables, chairs, and accessories visually convey a sense of confusion versus a calming, orderly, and nurturing message.

Clutter controlled 

2.      Control the lighting

Is your lighting sabotaging your home’s message of being a peaceful cozy place to restore and regroup? I believe this one factor alone is the major cause to not feeling the intimacy of any room at any given time of day. I also believe that overhead lighting is the major culprit. 

Whatever happened to having lamps strategically placed and better yet, turned on! I have tried every single type of ceiling can or chandelier light bulb on the market today. How can I claim this statement? Because I am a lighting fanatic so to speak. Using lamps in combination with overhead lighting (on dimmers of course) goes a very long way to address most lighting needs plus achieving the effect you desire in your spaces.

Now you must know that my home is not done as in window treatments. But this image is to show how lovely and necessary table lamps are to achieve the peaceful serenity so essential for our restorative down times.

Lighting is my quest to make our living spaces give that soothing, renewing experience when home, even kitchen lighting is super important plus having dimmers too!

Our Ohio kitchen in the process of being upgraded with painted cabinets, new light relfecting backsplash tiles, upgraded under the counter lighting.

3.      Control the space planning

Very few consider how furniture placement affects everything and not merely the look of the space. If I came over to your home or apt or condo for a visit, where would we sit to have a chat over a cup of coffee? Would the only option be your kitchen on bar stools or perhaps in a large great room with furniture placed far apart?

I purposely designed the furniture layout, or space planning in our living room with this cozy arrangement for two people to have a place to connect.

Where do you land for your restorative down time in your home? Are there comfy chairs or properly scaled sofas, a good reading lamp with a correct height and size table? Cozy fabric versus leather for textural comfort?

This was one of our favorite spots to work, eat, or unwind. It has everything whether working or simply hanging out.

It is really, really surprising to me to discover or observe that most homeowners do not consider this extremely essential space planning basic when buying or placing furniture in their homes, apartments, or condos. But you can be the exception with learning and understanding these Design Smarts principles. Take a look at this cozy but functional great room and see if you can identify these design points from this post.

I designed this great room adding both ceiling ighting on dimmers of course with table lamps on the functional end tables. The ottomans are for comfort along with extra seating if needed, area rug to define the space, red leather bench as an ottoman, adds color, but again, functions as a as coffee table if needed.

You all must know that your comments spur me on to keep delving into what can make your lives richer both in your homes and your lifestyles. When I receive comments like this one from Dell, I am so pumped to do even more for you all because she totally understood her need to change her home’s message when she returns there.

“I toured the Junior League Showhouse in High Point NC on Monday, after reading Hear Your Home. The very small laundry area was wild with patterns and colors. I enter my house from the garage into my laundry room. So it was like, between your article and that tour, my drab laundry room was telling me to get with it! Bought beautiful bright fabric today and paint in a bolder color than I would otherwise have used. Now to get out the paint rollers and sewing machine!”

~Dell Nichols

Stay tuned you all for the next post and additional ways you can make your home something exceptionally special for you and your friends and loved ones.

Thank you so much for being on this ageless pioneering journey with me!

Living and Loving life together,

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