Healthy Holiday Beef

Today's vlog is from my video archives, circa 2012. Check it out for my healthy take on a special beef meal, perfect for the holidays. Excuse the amateur quality, but I couldn't help but share one of my favorite recipes with you! Plus, if you sign … [Read more]

Bob Restores Walnut Island

In today's #BoomerSmarts Saturday vlog, my favorite special guest, Bob, shows you how to restore a solid walnut counter top island. I love sharing DIY tips with you, so I thought this would be another great "how to" lesson! Check out the video for … [Read more]

Tips on Work/Life Balance

Hi, Mitzi's friends, this is Leslie, sharing a bit with you today about what Mitzi and I have been talking about these last two months: how she balances her busy professional schedule with time for herself, her husband, her family and friends. Do … [Read more]