My Secret Weapon: Kick-Butt Soup!

I love soup. I make soup. I create new soups. And I believe soups are one of our most effective weapons for the battles of fighting flu and colds, getting easy nutrition fast, a huge weapon for me on weight control, and can be cooked ahead for … [Read more]

DIY Backyard Pergola

In continuing on with our DIY theme for #BoomerSmarts Saturdays, today's vlog is all about how Bob built our backyard pergola at Cypress. He'll not only explain the steps and materials he's used to construct it so far, but also how he plans to finish … [Read more]

Thank You Houston Design Center!

Hi Mitzi's readers, this is Leslie writing on behalf of Mitzi to thank everyone who has made her recent CEU course given in Houston such a joy for her and to also share a bit about what Mitzi has coming up if you are a designer reader of Mitzi's blog … [Read more]

DIY Trashcan Cover-Up

#BoomerSmarts Saturdays are all about bringing you tips, tricks and projects for your home and every day life, and this week is no different. In today's vlog my husband, Bob, joins me as a special guest to show you our latest Cypress DIY project: a … [Read more]