Face of Design: Part 2

In what ways can our homes enhance our overall quality of living? In this week's design vlog, my dear friend Linda joins me to discuss how our Cypress guest suite design and layout are ideal for anyone staying in our home. Be sure to watch for some … [Read more]

Face of Design: Intro

I am so excited about this new video series, Face of Design, which will showcase different design facets, and how form follows function, in our Cypress home. This week, we'll take a look at our guest suite, designed specifically to accommodate short … [Read more]

The Boomer Bathtub

Just like last week's post, this week's video is all about Boomer bathrooms! Last time, you saw my shower, and today, you'll get an inside look at the bathtub setup in my home, Cypress. The area is complete with a tub deck and dimmer lights and is … [Read more]